Step 1: Enter Your Grower Code

This simple web form will allow you to submit your harvest details. It requires that you have a modern web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer version 9 and above. If you are experiencing problems please call the office on 01522 731873 and we’ll be happy to help

Step 2: Select Desired Collection Month

Select Month Month Availability Tonnage Available Adjustment
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Step 3: Complete and Submit the Harvest Declaration


Please fill out the declaration with as much information as you can provide. This goes directly onto our logistics platform and to our hauliers, therefore making collections more efficient.

This declaration is a contractual, legally binding document and must be be completed wholly by the named grower on your contract.

Harvest Declaration

Contact Details

This is the responsible person for all commercial and contractual matters between us

This Year's Harvest

Your declared bales should include any that have not been collected from last year’s harvest

A stack is defined as one block of bales all of the same bale type and moisture content. For example, if some of your bales are stacked outside and some inside a barn then this would be defined at 2 stacks. If your bales are in several barns then these can be defined as seperate stacks. If your bales are in several physical locations then these are always defined as seperate stacks.
Stack Information

This is the person that we should contact to arrange for collection of the bales. If it is the same as the Principle Contact then please enter the same details again

Please enter at last one contact number

The postal address of where the bales are stored

This must be a real postcode, e.g in the format "NR14 7AU"

Please give a description of where the bales can be found when the driver arrives at the address

Please provide any details which the driver will find useful when arriving at the site. Inparticular any parking and arrival instructions, local road conditions, hazards on the site and any biosecurity requirements.

This is to help organise collections with our hauliers efficiently.

The bales will need to be loaded 3 high into the HGV

Are you happy for us to arrange collections at weekends as well as during the week

Please let us know if you need any advance warning before collection transport arrives on site

Please let us know how your bales are being stored for this stack

Please use the format dd/mm/yyyy but please note that you do not have to enter the forward slashes (/)!

Please use this free text field to add any further information that you feel may be useful to us

In order for us to meet the sustainability criteria required by some of our energy markets, we need to confirm a few things about your miscanthus crop. Please answer the following questions accurately.

Example Answer: "Yes, The farming business complies with all UK regulation in regards to the Basic Payment Scheme and therefore Cross - Compliance to ensure the land is managed correctly. The Miscanthus crop was planted under the Natural England Energy Crop Scheme (6ECS9554). The business has an up to date Health and Safety policy."

If you are in anyway unsure of this please phone Terravesta on 01522 731873


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